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Useful Links

Useful links for HMRC Website

Below is a list of links to HMRC pages that we think may be of use:-

When filing submissions for CIS, VAT and Payroll (Full Payment Submission and Employer Payment Submission) if you find it is taking longer than usual and are receiving the message “Polling” continually, you can use the following links to check if there is a problem with the HMRC Servers. If, however you get an error message you must contact our Support Department as this will be nothing to do with Server Issues.

The following links will be useful to identify what forms are required and information regarding Statutory Payments within Payroll. (Paternity Pay, Adoption Pay and Maternity Pay)

Tips and FAQ


What does CIA stand for?

CIA = Construction Industry Accounts

Is CIA accredited by the HMRC?

Yes, Construction Industry Accounts have had their CIS system accredited by the HMRC.

Can CIA submit CIS Returns?

Monthly CIS Returns can be submitted to the Inland Revenue through CIA by going to CIS- Prepare CIS Return and then in to submit CIS Return.

After the CIS Return has been sent, you can then send subcontractors their monthly CIS Statements.

Does CIA provide a payroll programme?

Construction Industry Accounts has a Payroll programme called PAYE Plus where you can pay all your employees, job cost their wages, update the accounts with the payroll journal and submit all tax year end forms to HMRC.

Do I need much bookkeeping knowledge to operate CIA?

The great thing about Construction Industry Accounts software is that you do not need any previous bookkeeping knowledge to make it work for you. With straightforward and easy to use screens, and training included, you will soon become comfortable with CIA.

Can I re-run a VAT return from last Quarter?

Yes, after a VAT return has been archived, CIA still keeps a copy of it so at any point in time you can go and look at it. You will need to go to Company – Reports – VAT Return.

There is also an option for VAT Transactions, if you want to check if a specific item has been included on a return.

What is the difference between Exempted VAT and Zero-rated VAT?

Exempt transaction is when the goods or service do not attract VAT, eg Newspapers.

A Zero-Rated transaction means that there could potentially be VAT on that item, but in this instance no VAT is being charged. Eg Children’s clothing (this is zero rated because generally clothes are Vatable, but there is no VAT charged on children clothing).

Can I still post transactions in CIA even if I have gone past my year end, but am not ready to run my financial year end yet?

Yes because CIA is date sensitive you can continue to post transactions in to your new year before running your year end.

When you come to run the year end, CIA looks at the year end date you have set up, and looks at each individual transaction and will only clear down transactions dated up to and including your year end date.

Can I purchase more training on CIA and PAYE Plus?

Yes we sell on-line and on-site training, please call the support line and we can discuss which suits your needs.

Can CIA tell me when Retentions are due?

Built within CIA is a Retention Diary, It can show you which invoice, application and job that retention is held against and also the date that retention should be released.

Can I set up more than one user, with different access levels?

CIA is based on the number of concurrent users for the programme. But you can set up an unlimited number of different user IDs and passwords. Each user you set up, can have different access levels, so you can choose who gets to see what information.

Is CIA kept up to date with all legislation changes?

CLiP IT Solutions make sure we are up to date with all legislation changes, including PAYE, CIS and VAT.

Does CIA deal with Cash Accounting VAT?

Yes Construction Industry Accounts can deal with cash accounting and standard VAT.

Do I have to pay for support and updates?

Your annual maintenance covers you for all updates that we release for CIA and PAYE Plus as well as telephone and email technical support.

Can CIA deal with Application for Payments?

Yes, CIA is written specifically for the Construction Industry. CIA knows that by entering an application no VAT is liable until the application is certified.

Can I start using CIA before the end of my financial year end?

Yes, you can start using Construction Industry Accounts at any point throughout your financial year, the software has the facility for you to post opening balances.

Can invoices and reports be emailed from CIA?

Yes all reports can be exported from CIA and sent via email. As well as there being the facility to be able to email invoices, statements and remittances straight to customers/suppliers.

Useful Tips

Editing CIA monthly return

If you need to make changes to a previously submitted CIS return you can do this through the CIS menu and Adjust Monthly Return.

This will allow you to re submit your CIS return to HMRC as they now require.

Trouble sending information online to HMRC

If you are having trouble sending information online to HMRC, either PAYE end of year or in year returns, or CIS please use the following link to see the status of HMRC servers: HMRC Service availability

File your VAT returns on-line directly from CIA

You can File your VAT returns on-line directly from CIA

Prepare, check and archive your Vat Return as you normally would and then go to Company – Submit VAT Return, choose the VAT Return in question from the drop down list at the top and then you are ready to submit it. This will automatically log in to the HMRC and file your return (exactly the same as the CIS returns).

Add your company logo

Add your company logo on to Sales Invoices/Applications, Remittance Advices and Customer Statements.

Within Utilities – System Tailoring – Printing Preferences, you can add your company logo, tick the box that says “Print Company Logo” and add a link to where your logo is saved.

Logo must be 2216 x 376 pixels at 300DPI saved as a .png file.

Do you need help with credit control?

Use our Credit Control function to help you keep track. Simply add notes concerning any calls you have made through Sales – Credit Control. Choose the Supplier and Invoice in question, then run the Invoice/Application Due report and choose the option to Print Notes.

Make Payments directly from your Bank account via CIA

With the BACS option enabled CIA can create a file that links directly to your bank. No need to re-enter payment details or sign cheques. Simply run your normal payment run and create the BACS file through Purchase – BACS Payments, then import the file via your banking software (all major banks are supported).

Email Remittance Advices

Do you need to post Remittance Advices? Save time and money on postage and stuffing envelopes by automatically emailing remittance advices. Within the supplier or subcontractors details choose Email as contact preference, when you then generate Remittance Advices there is a Print/Email button in the bottom left. Hit this button and anyone with Email as the preference will get a pdf of the advice automatically emailed to them (those with Letter as the preference will automatically be printed).

This option also works with Sales InvoicesStatementsPayment CertificatesCIS Statements and Purchase Orders.

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